It’s November. We have successfully completed 10 of the 12 months in 2017. Let that sink in! Be it a great year or a not so great year, the next 2 months are going to be better than ever. Celebrate with us.

This month you will be forced to ask yourself what you’re thankful for. It’s a loaded question- do you take the generic route and say “my family, my friends, my job”, the funny route and say “my dashing good looks”, or the serious route with “my health and the love of the people around me”?

I think we’ve all been in a position where we weren’t quite sure what to be thankful for, but I challenge you to look at the small things and dig deeper. Think about the things that let you breathe a sigh of relief or make you giggle. Be thankful for the way your dogs ears go to the side when he’s confused. Be thankful for your neighbor who brings in the garbage cans every Thursday. Be thankful for just enough milk at the end of the gallon to enjoy your cereal in the morning.

See, the thing is, life can sometimes turn into one big blob of major events and melancholy days. When we take a second to look at the small things and give a mental “thank you”, we begin to live in the present. So this month, take a second when someone asks you the infamous “What are you thankful for?”, and think about the little things that happen everyday that you just might miss if they weren’t there.

In other news, we’re doing all of your Thanksgiving baking for you! You can take all the credit, too. Take a look at the order form and come visit the shop to fill one out. You’re welcome in advance.

All sarcasm and dry humor aside, we are so extremely thankful to all of our customers and staff for the incredible experiences we’ve had together this year. We look forward to spending a happy holiday with you.

Finally, here’s the cutest picture you’ll ever see. This was taken at our PAWrade – the dog costume contest and parade we had last month. The pup is from Laura’s Hope Rescue, and the boy is straight from heaven. Actually, they’re both straight from heaven. Enjoy!

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